ג', נס ציונה

Hi Ella,
I was in your lecture today at _________ High in Nes Ziona. I was sitting on the front row next to ___________.
I just wanted to thank you. After the lecture I felt a little too shocked and upset to speak so I didn't say anything but I wanted to tell you how your lecture changed me.
I have just come home from Tel Aviv after going out with a friend and I always have a drink there and I'm ashamed to say often use the journey there and back as an opportunity to catch up with friends on the phone. I have always been sure that I am strong and in control and that nothing will ever happen to me but after your lecture today I will NEVER touch my phone in the car again and I will certainly not drink just those few glasses of wine.
I also spoke to my husband and friends about your lecture. What you're doing is very important. I have always wanted to do the same about child abuse.
The lecture was really interesting and you spoke very well. You certainly achieved your goal.
Have a great week and thanks again,